Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sadness of Jasmine

I found a lot of sadness through my eyes
I heard a lot of sadness through my heart beats
I saw a lot of sadness through my FB posts
I felt a lot of sadness through my voices

What the...
What am I thinking now?
Who am I now?
I wanna slap my face hardly!
Let me awake please!

Every day every night every minutes every seconds
My heart is bleeding
Yes,I'm emo so WHAT?
I can't bear it anymore
I feel so dissapointed to you all
Can I don't talk with you all?
Just leave me alone!
Yes,I know I can't do it
Why am I so soft-hearted?

Everytime I cry in my heart do you know?
You all know nothing..
I'm always at the center
Do you know how suffer is it?
Please la,don't ever let me get hurted again alright?
My heart cannot tahan anymore

Someone please save me~
Bring me to somewhere else
Let me cry loudly and shout out loud!
And lend me your shoulder to rest after I cry
Don't need to comfort me
Just stay beside me and let me cry out

Eveytime I look at my photo
My eyes aren't smiling
Yes,you will see me like every day laugh non-stop
But that is just because...
I don't want you all to worry about me
I want you all to be happy than me~

Sorry for being emo
I don't wish to....
But here is the only place that I can express all my feelings
Without anyone knowing

"Jasmine,I know you are a very strong person
I know you don't want get helped by others
Please cry out when you need to
Jasmine,be strong and be happy!"