Friday, October 24, 2014

[TRAVEL] Phuket, Thailand

29.08.2014 - 01.09.2014
First company trip with Urban Designs Studio.
I need to pay half of the travel fees because I just work for 6 months in this company.
Those who already work for 1 year will fully paid by company.
Before a month, we suggested 2 places which were Phuket and Chiangmai.
Both are located in Thailand and we had to vote among this 2 but I have no idea about Thailand because I never been there.
I heard that Chiangmai seem good, good whether, good environment and the most important thing is Chiangmai is a lil bit far from Phuket. HAHAHA this is the main point why I feel like wanted to vote Chiangmai.
But at last all of us vote for Phuket and I DON'T KNOW WHY...  [face palm]
Maybe because lol yea all my colleagues loveeeeeeee beer, maybe this's the reason.
Why I said is because of beer? Is because in Thailand those beer are very cheap! Maybe less than RM10 can buy 1? Something like this, I just heard what they said.

I've already done my vlog about this Phuket, Thailand.
Instead of writing, I rather do a vlog.
I love to record down every single moment that happen in my life, so I learn to edit video by myself through youtube and of course have to practice.
Please enjoy :)

[VLOG] 4 Days 3 Nights Phuket Trip  -