Friday, June 26, 2009



这次不知为什么特别紧张,我的朋友们都来捧场,真的很谢谢他们!当我一走进课室时,哇,真的很紧张!这次我们(JTS group)唱我知道!我觉得这次我们唱得很不错,比上次好听很多!不过,这次我们不要求进到决赛,其实进到半决赛已经很不错了,因为我从小没参加过任何的比赛,今年我尝试参加歌唱比赛!结果我办到了,我踏出第一步了!真的很开心。。还有啊,我有一个粉丝哦他就是jen bhin..谢谢你啊 ^^还有我要谢谢所有来捧我的场的朋友们,谢谢你们!没有来的也没关系,精神上支持已经足够了!

这次我们是拿经验的明年我们还会参加!进不到决赛没关系,the most important is happy then enough already!!yeAH..this year really very happy..and i know im brave a lot liao haha!!^^

Monday, June 22, 2009

Carnival 2009

20 june was SMKB'S CARNIVAL..This year im penyelaras for carnival..I got a bit panic and happy haha >< panic cause i scare i cant do well in this carnival!This year school band first time sell ice stick and chocolate fountain then herbal egg..haha our chocolate fountain damn nice..when at 10.30am the chocolate almost want finish already haha ><" luckyly we jimat the chocolate haha!YEAH..This carnival i would like to say... IT SUCCESS yeah!!Thanks all my AJK member and our customers..thanks all ^^



Yesterday was the father's day..This year i felt it very very warm and fragrant!It let me think about before 6 years ago,when my father still alive~I very happy at that time,I like to give out prize to my lovely daddy!When i saw he smile,i will very very happy!BUT....all the happy time was my father already at a new place and live at there very peaceful~^^ DADDY,I LOVE YOU!Muackzz..TT

Yesterday my church had an event too,called 妈Love爸Man!It means mummy care every one and daddy go out and earn many money so daddy very man and mummy very loving~This time i act drama,act cry part one!I really tried my best to cry out then finally i cried out!DaMn happy..but...unfortunetely..i wiped off =.= haha ><

This time i invited 5 friends came to this event!I'm so happy because this was my first time bring 5 friends came to my church and somemore they like the event too!DaMn touch TT but got a friend i would like to say SORRY..[that friend knew what im saying]~Firstly i was very scared cause i scared they did not like the event cause many of them were boys but...hahaha they liked it..thanks god!

Hmm..time passed fast..parent's day we waiting for the next event call 震动乐台 part 2 yeah!!SD YOUTH,加油加油加油!OH YES!^^ and hope that my friends all can join us to make the event ^^ yeah...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

IM affraid... wanna finish already,now left 1 week!Today,I feel like I'm crazy already!I really crazy cause I say i wanna kill someone..OMG how do you think?I want kill someone and so on...

Today that people make me feel very very extremely ANGRY!Because she says something that I very hate to hear it!WHat is the thing that I hate? a secret!DAmN..i very hate her says about that!!She make me wanna kill her and she make me feel like crazy!I scare I will get crazy one day..really...TT

Last time got a movie call "The Iron Girl" if i didnt forget the tittle la!!Her daughter also like that..tahan very long time already then lastly get crazy..OMG..actually i very scare about that but I almost become that character..LASTLY WILL BE CRAZY!

So please..i beg them..please don't make me hate you all okay?I don't want make you all die in my hand..please...ANyoNE caN heLp me to SolVe thIS prOblEm??PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

camp kepimpinan 2009

yeah i wait for this day for very long time already~I very excited to go to the perting valley!And I'm group 4 member,named HAKUNA MATATA and our leader is KIT ZAI!Wow firstly we discussing for the group name and cheer!Actually at that time my brain has many funny stupid idea but I don't know how to say out so I didn't say out!Never mind i think this HAKUNA MATATA sounds good..~

HAha 30 may 2009,Im so excited..i woke up early in the morning,before the chicken made noise,then i woke up already haha~pro leh?I know that thanks~(zi lian)Then i went to the school.."OMG what the hell,all were wearing long pants,just me short pants!"You know why i wear short pants?BEcause if someone's idea!CJB you ah..haiz..If he didn't wear shorts pants,i sure will cut off his pants!"His stupid idea made me wanna changed it at the perting there!ADUI~So many nyamuk!I donated my blood for the special insects..adui~

This few days I were very enjoy,i like the place,got river,trees...nice places~This place made me felt relax,far away from the town..good!Hmm..I would like to thanks all hakuna matata's members and time matata's group!AND all the staff..I LOVE YOU miss you all!From this camp,i learnt a lot of things,this camp did something i never did before~It made me brave a lot..thanks~

Are we sexy,are we sexy,are we cute,are we cute
Of couse we are sexy,of couse we are cutie
Why do we ask,why do we ask?
OH MY GOD this cheer sound very stupid and perasan but I LOVE IT!It nice~
KIT ZAI!You so creative la!Hohoho..cute action too ^^

Okay la..overall,this camp teach me a lot,i really appreciate!And we also won in the performance..ya i was very shocked that we won!I can't believe TIME MATATA won la!But this was true,just accept la!And ya..yeah!!i know BAHASA ISYARAT already!Next time i would helped deaf!REally..yeah!

Now some comment about the toilet...OH MY GOD what the...the toiet was very very dirty!When my leg touch on the floor..omg the water going into my sand,leaf all inside my shoes!And some special insects fly here fly there,so disturb!One thing that i need to say is:"WEI IM NOT AFFRAID OF CAT LA,I JUST HATE IT WALK BELOW MY LEG,IT VERY GELI LA~AND THE CAT MAKE ME CAN'T EAT WELL..!"

K la thats all for my sharing and if next year still have camp kepimpinan,i will join again!Its fun la..believe me and join it together la!!OH YES!