Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mid-year Exam

Today is the last three day for my Mid-Year Exam!Today is ADD MATH and Sivik.What the..I thought the add math is easy,but is damn sucks..I forgot how to do already!OH MY GOD,when I get the examn paper,I really don't know how to do it.Hmm..I think whole question paper got 30 question,then I just do..............4 question nia.T.T so sad!Then all question I just copy the question again and just write the FORMULA!I heard they say write ormula also can get marks,although not many la!But if get a EGG marks then not good lo~I see the whole class,so hope that someone can help me! one can help me because my friend also don't know how to solve the question! hope already,my add math sure FAILED!So sad lo..

The Sivik...=.= damn easy,just like moral only but sivik have many same answer,don't know what answer should I choose it!Then this paper is one hour and thirty minute then I just spend about half an hour then done already!haiz still have one hour I need to wait..Then i see whole class again and hope that someone can talk with me.Finally,my friend looked at me then we talk with each other from a far distance!haha >.< I sat most infront and my friend sat at the back,but we still can talk to each right?haha thanks god..finally passed one hour already!DaMn tired!EXAM EXAM EXAM...faster go away la...TT make me can't go out and play computer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


4 May 2009..~This day was the memorable day.This day was the ENGLISH FORNIGHT singing competition.Before this day,we practise very hard.Although someone don't want sing then make the leader angry,put we WON!I very very happy,extremely happy!This was the first time we won at any class competiton..really,I very happy until wanna cry out!Too touch..4B thanks..WE ARE THE BEST right?!!^^ yeah...

We sang how do I live,My Love,There you'll be,I will follow him,I feel good and Love Story!DAMn...i love the Love Story very much!The piano's damn nice..I like to play it very much!And the My Love..hmm..very bad,this song i always played wrong!Damn it..hate myself,piano grade 7 still played wrong this such of damn EASY SONG.Never mind,is we get the RM we need to spend it?

Today Pn.Yap told us we cant take the CASH..damn HM..why cant get cash?He want teacher do buy some stationary as the prize..damn it..stationary?He thought we are PRIMARY SCHOOL'S students?stupid...stationary..=.= so boring!Idiot idea~We sure don't want a gift i also dont want!BOIKOT la..WHY MUST LISTEN TO HIM?He just HM,not PRIME MINISTER!